Questions or concerns involving the web site should be directed to Jennifer Beasley via e-mail at  For General Info please contact Mark Vreeland via e-mail using the form below.  Or contact us by phone at 1-800-244-6945 toll free Monday - Friday 8:30-5:30 Eastern time.

GeekRocks are made by hand in the USA by our dedicated staff of "GeekRock Jocks".
If you want the standard GeekRock just order by visiting on the Standard GeekRock section and selecting the Buy Me Button.   Select GeekRocks and GeekRock Gear have Buy Me Buttons on them as well. 

Shipping and handling is already included within the price so no additional charges will be added to your order upon checkout.  Your purchase will be sent via usps.  Visit them at  If you need a shipping quote for elsewhere, check and price shipping from USA 28312 to your location. Item ships as 1 pound and the box size is 6x6x6. (external size for UPS).

We suggest using Paypals secure server for processing your order.  Please submit all orders through the web site.  We can keep our cost low and you get a really cool errr.....geeky dude.


GeekRocks are made by hand in the USA by our dedicated staff of "GeekRock Jocks".




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